Heart, Consciousness and Mantra CD


The use of mantras is an ancient tradition that seeks to induce specific states of consciousness through repetition of certain sounds that have a deep effect on the human energy system.

This CD utilizes three different mantras. It was inspired by the Irish healer and self-development teacher Bob Moore. Both John Virkmann and Martin Guldberg attended Bob Moore’s teachings for several years. In the late 1990s Bob Moore introduced “The Six Syllables” A AH SHA SA MA HA in some of his workshops and he gave instructions on how to use them as a means of reaching deeper aspects of consciousness.


The six syllables A AH SHA SA MA HA are also called “Samantabhadra’s Heart Mantra”. In Mahayana Buddhism Samantabhadra is a bodhisattva (an enlightened being motivated by compassion and working for the benefit of all sentient beings). He is also associated with Buddhist practice and meditation. The six syllables of Samantabhadra are said to refer to the six aspects of our primordial state and thus by listening to them or reciting them we can deepen our connection to our primordial state – deepen our connection to the essence of consciousness and love.

The order of the syllables sometimes varies. On this CD we use the version that was presented to us by Bob Moore. He noted that the six syllables are related to six aspects of consciousness that can give deep insight.


Track 1 and track 3 on this CD are meditations on A AH SHA SA MA HA. Through the use of crystal bowls and voice the tracks seek to invoke different aspects of the six syllables – to touch the heart and to open up to a deeper connection to compassion.

The sound OM is said to be a sacred or mystical, all-encompassing syllable. Thus the sound OM captures both the gross, the subtle, and the causal states of consciousness (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep realms) and it is said to be the sound of the universe – or rather the sound of the innermost essence of existence or consciousness. Listening to the sound OM is said to connect us more deeply to this innermost essence of existence and this again is said to equally possess the qualities of love and of consciousness.


Track 2 is a meditation on the sound OM and it dwells on both the suffering in this universe and on the compassion that may alleviate all suffering. The composition is structured around five waves where the culmination musically and energetically is in the third and fourth waves, after which the solo voice dissolves into the source of which it came into being.


The mantra OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA is known as a liberation mantra – a spiritual formula for attaining freedom. The mantra is a giving praise to the source that created this universe and it is an invitation to surrender to the source. Track 4 is created as a song of gratitude and surrender to the heart – to love.


The four tracks on this CD can be listened to separately or as a complete sequence. The first track,

A AH SHA SA MA HA – Part I, introduces Samantrabhadra’s heart mantra and seeks to draw the listener into a deeper contact with him- or herself. The second track, OM, being a meditation on the original sound of the universe, seeks to deepen the contact made and especially to deepen the connection to compassion. The third track, A AH SHA SA MA HA – Part II, returns to “The Six Syllables” – now further infused with and informed by the connection to compassion. These three tracks form a whole. The fourth track differs in style. The intention here is to create a connection between depth of feeling and the physical reality – to uplift the listener into an atmosphere of gratitude.


John Virkmann and Martin Guldberg, 2012



By John Virkmann And Martin Guldberg





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